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Uploading Images to Website Pages and Emails
Uploading Images to Website Pages and Emails

Utilize Sunny Uploads, our image and document hosting service, to incorporate images and documents into web pages and emails.

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This article is useful if:

  • You intend to upload images for your bulk marketing campaigns

  • You wish to upload images for the emails you are sending out

  • You aim to upload images for the pages on your website

  • You want to upload images for your blog or news posts


  1. Use the following login credentials:
    Username: sunnyup
    password: lukepine93

  2. Upload the image you would like to use by simply dragging & dropping the file or browsing for the image in your files

  3. Once you can see the file name, select it then click on the "Upload" button

  4. A URL will then be generated, which you can copy by using the green copy button

  5. Return to your Eagle page where you are working on your email or website page

  6. Click on the image icon

  7. In the source box, right-click and select "paste"

  8. Provide a description for the image

  9. Finally, click on "OK"

Image Sizes for Emails

To avoid the issue of large images causing horizontal scrolling in emails, it is advisable to ensure that any images included in the email have a maximum width of 600 pixels.

This width is suitable for most email clients and works well on mobile devices. By keeping the image width within this limit, you can ensure that email client, which may display images in their original sizes, will not exceed the width of the email body when rendering the image.

We Are Here to Help

If you need additional help with this, please get in touch with our Eagle Support Team by phone at (03) 9016 0444 or by email at [email protected]

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