This article is useful if:

  • You want to upload images to your bulk marketing campaigns

  • You want to upload images to emails you are sending out

  • You want to upload images to pages on your website

  • You want to upload images to blog / news posts


  1. Go to

  2. Login with:
    Username: sunnyup
    password: lukepine93

  3. Upload the image you would like to use by simply dragging & dropping the file or browsing for the image in your files.

  4. Once you can see the file name click on Upload.

  5. A URL will then appear which you can copy with the green copy button. 

  6. Go back to your Eagle page where you are creating your email or website page

  7. Click on the image icon

  8. In the source box, right click and choose paste

  9. Give the image a description

  10. Click "OK"

Image Sizes For Emails

Some email software will try to display images at their original size, rather than the size defined in the email itself.

So a good way to prevent large images appearing in emails that force a user to scroll sideways, it's recommended that images added to an email are no wider than 600px.

As this is the native width of most emails to work well on mobile devices, having an image no wider than 600px will mean that software that displays images at their original sizes, will not display the image wider than the body of the email.

For any further assistance with this please contact our Eagle Support Team;
P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected] 

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