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Eagle Swoop Email Address
Eagle Swoop Email Address

In this article, we explain how to use your Eagle Swoop email address to effortlessly direct email conversations back into Eagle.

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What is an Eagle Swoop email address?

The Eagle Swoop email is a unique email address associated with your Eagle account, designed to receive incoming emails. To utilize it, simply include your dedicated Eagle Swoop email in the BCC field when sending an email. Eagle will automatically capture and store any replies as notes within the corresponding contact in Eagle. It's important to note that each user in your account has their own Eagle Swoop email.

In the event that the contact does not exist in Eagle, it will be automatically created using the email address as the first name.

How to Find Your Eagle Swoop Email

To discover your dedicated email address, follow these steps:

1. Hover over your image positioned in the top right corner of the page.

2. Click on "My Profile."

3. Scroll down the page until you reach the "My Eagle Swoop Email" field.

4. Your dedicated email address will be displayed in that field.

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