Your Eagle Swoop Email Address allows you to send email conversations into Eagle.

What is an Eagle Swoop Email Address?

An Eagle Swoop Email is a special email address that allows your Eagle account to receive emails. You can Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) emails to your Eagle Swoop Email and Eagle will keep it as a note against that contact.

Each user in your account has their own unique Eagle Swoop Email.

How do you find your Eagle Swoop Email?

You can find your address by hovering over your account section at the top right of the page, and clicking "My Profile". Your Eagle Swoop Email is listed on the page.

How does the Eagle Swoop Email work?

When you send an email to a contact, BCC your Eagle Swoop Email address and it will attach a note to the contact in Eagle.

If the contact doesn't exist in Eagle, it will be created with the email address as the first name.

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