Automation allows you to create a series of emails/sms and other tasks that send when triggered by a specific date, event, or activity. Use Eagle Software Automation feature to streamline your recurring communications, and make sure your contacts receive the right communications at the right time.

Starting an existing automation

Open the tools menu on the left menu bar, open automation. First you will see a list of all current automation's, in the status column you will see if the automation is activated or not. You can activate by clicking the status.

Create a new automation.

Once you have clicked the Add New Automation button you will be asked to name the automation - use a name relevant to what the automation is for eg. - Purchaser Anniversary, for an email sent on the anniversary of the purchasers settlement date.

Create Automation

You can add a trigger to the automation - this is used to start the automation automatically when a specific event takes place eg. - a contact is created. If you want to start the automation manually do not add a trigger.

Add a new step

There are several things you can do via automation, send emails/sms/vendor reports, you can also create task's, assign contacts along with much more. Choose which action you want the automation to take.

Add more steps by clicking add a new step.

Adding a wait rule.

You can set the automation to wait for a period of time before taking the next step. Click add a new step, select WAIT from the General menu. You can set your wait in hours, days, minutes or months.

Automatic start/stop

The automation can direct another automation to start if a certain event takes place

Eg. Start the vendor automation if an appraisal is won.

Click add new step - select IF from General menu

A drop down box will appear - select the appraisal status, click won


Your next step would be to start an automation - you may have an automation for new vendors. You can add as many or as few steps as you like.

Video Course

You can also watch the Eagle Academy Course on Automation under the '?' Help section in Eagle and here is the link to the Automations Video Course.

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