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How to create a Letter Template
How to create a Letter Template
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Within Eagle, you have the ability to create your own letter templates which can be tailored to any aspect of your business. 

How To Create a Letter Template

  1. Go to Settings->Letter Templates

  2. Click on the Letter Templates tab

  3. Click on "New Letter Template" - This will bring you to a page where you can create a letter template

  4. The template name field is your internal name to remember the letter

  5. The content field is where you enter your letter. Type in your letter in this field the same as if you were making the letter in Word.

  6. Eagle provides template tags that can be prefilled by data in your database. These tags are surrounded by curled braces {{ }}. To add a tag to your letter, place your cursor in the content field where you would like the tag to go. Select the tag you want in the "Add field" dropdown box. Click "Add". Your tag will now be inserted into the letter. Don't remove part of the tag or remove braces, the tag must remain fully intact as it is.

How fields work

Fields pull information from different areas of your database. The first word of the field relates to the type of data in your database, and the last part of the field relates to the actual data field.

This table shows the different fields that are available and what that data accesses

Field type                    Where the data comes from  

Office                           Settings->Account Settings section   

Agent                           Settings->Agent Profiles section   

Contact (Recipient)     The contacts database  

Solicitor                        In a contact record, you can set the solicitor by going to the                                             "Related contacts" tab  Contract  The contracts section and all                                          purchases, vendors and solicitors attached to a contract. For                                            more information, see our  contracts help desk article. When                                            you are creating a letter for a contract, make sure to use the                                            tags beginning with the word "Contract" for solicitors,                                                        purchasers and vendors.  

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