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How to generate a sales advice letter
How to generate a sales advice letter
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How to generate a sales advice letter

  1. Click into the Contracts section, then select the contract you'd like to generate the letter for

  2. Check that all contract details have been entered including vendor details, purchaser details, solicitor details from both parties, deposit amount and deposit date.

  3. In the right sidebar, click on the sales advice letter you'd like to generate (either the 'Sales Advice Purchaser's Solicitor' or 'Sales Advice Vendor's Solicitor')

  4. Check all the details of the letter have been completed and edit the letter where required

  5. Tick the 'include header' and 'include footer' check boxes if you are printing on blank paper, or leave them blank if printing on letterhead.

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Print

How to edit the sales advice letter template

  1. In the CRM left menu, select Admin, then select Letters

  2. Click the Letter Templates tab

  3. Select the letter you would like to update. By default there is a 'Sales Advice Purchaser's Solicitor' and 'Sales Advice Vendor's Solicitor' template

  4. Edit the text as required and use the Add field section to dynamically load data on to the template

  5. Once finished updating, scroll down and click Submit

Watch the video below for an explanation on how to edit and generate a sales advice letter.

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