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Cropped Property Listing Images on Your Website/Brochures
Cropped Property Listing Images on Your Website/Brochures

Why are my images getting cut off?

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Reference to your website in this article only applies if you have your website provided by Eagle.

Property listing images on your website/brochures are generally displayed with a 4:3 aspect ratio, where for every 4 pixels of width, there is 3 pixels of height. Some example resolutions of this aspect ratio are 1200 x 900 or 2000 x 1500.

To avoid having white space either top/bottom and left/right sides of the image, your website/brochure will fit the image to the space.

This is occurring because the website/brochure has fixed dimensions so it will hold that space accordingly.

  • So if the image is too wide, it will hold the height and crop the left and right edges.

  • If the image is too tall, it will hold the width and crop the top and bottom edges.

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