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How do Property Tags work?
How do Property Tags work?

How to create and use a property tag in Eagle.

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Property tags allow you to tag your listings with keywords, which you can then use to match or filter with other parts of the software or your website. For example, you might have a buyer looking for a property with a swimming pool, you can use tags to filter the automatic property alerts to only send listings with a swimming pool to that buyer.

How to create a property tag

  1. Go to the listings page, then click into a property

  2. Click on the Property Details tab (the same section where you add bedrooms and bathrooms)

  3. Scroll down to the Tags field

  4. Start typing to create your own custom tags. Some common tags are things like 'swimming pool', 'close to shops', 'off the plan' and 'double story'. You can create as many tags as you like.

How to match contacts with property tags

Once a tag has been added to a listing, you can then add that property tag to potential buyers/tenants preferences. If property alerts are switched on, they will only receive property alert emails with listings that are matched with the property tag (as well as any other preferences set).

How to filter property listings with tags

In the Listing section, you can click the tag filter at the top, then select which tags you would like to filter on.

How to generate a property list based on property tags

  1. In the main CRM tab, click Brochures > Window Cards & Stock Lists

  2. Under the Property Lists section, click Custom Property List

  3. Select the tags you'd like to filter on and click Filter Properties

How to manage your tags

You can add a new tag directly from your 'Tags' in the 'Property Details' tab or the 'Addresses' tab will allow you to add, edit or delete a tag. 

For more information view our help article: Manage Property Tags

How to display property listings with tags on your website

If your website is being provided by Eagle, we can code your website to show certain listings on specific pages based on property tags. For example, we can create an 'Off The Plan' page that shows any property listings that have the tag 'off the plan'. If you'd like to set this up, please contact us on 03 9016 0444 or [email protected]

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