Email reports

Once you've sent a campaign, you can view a report on it by going to the top menu Marketing tab, clicking Campaigns in the left menu then clicking on the campaign name.

What the numbers mean

  • Opened - The number of people that opened the email

  • Opens - The total number of times that an email has been opened.

  • Clicked - The number of people that clicked on the email

  • Clicks - The total number of clicks

  • Undelivered - The number of emails sent that could not be delivered to the recipient

  • Unsubscribed - The number of people that unsubscribed from the email

  • Open rate - The percentage of people who have opened the email

  • Click rate - The percentage of people who have clicked at least once on a link in the email

The 24 hour performance graph shows how many clicks and opens there were over the 24 hours straight after the email was sent.

What the tabs show

  • The Properties tab shows all properties that were sent in the campaign, and how many clicks there were. Total Clicks are the total number of clicks, and Unique Clicks is the number of people who clicked. Click on a property to see which recipients clicked on it

  • The Opened tab shows all contacts that the email was sent to, and how many times they opened it. Click on the email address to see a complete list of all interactions of that person with the email.

  • The Clicked tab shows all contacts who Clicked on the email

  • The Undelivered tab shows all recipients where the email was not able to be delivered

  • The Unsubscribed tab shows all contacts who unsubscribed from this email

Watch the video below for more information about the reporting (make sure sound is on).

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