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How to merge contacts
How to merge contacts
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Sometimes you have duplicate contacts in your database and you need to merge them. There are three ways to merge contacts

1. Manage Duplicates In bulk

Go to Contacts, click on the dropdown arrow next to "Add Contacts" and click "Manage Duplicates". This will allow you to get an overview of duplicate contacts in your account and allows you to review the duplicates before you merge them.

2. Individually

To merge contacts individually, follow these steps:

1. Go to the duplicate contact - this is the contact that has least information or it might have information in it

2. Click on "Merge this contact" (see screenshot below)

3. A new box will appear asking you to find the winning contact - the winning contact is the one that you will keep in your database (see screenshot below)

4. Once you've selected the new contact, click "Merge these people" and the records will be merged. Any information that is in the losing contact that is not already in the winning contact will be transferred to the winning contact.

3. Account wide merge

If you want to merge all the duplicate contacts in your account, and you are sure you don't want to review them before you merge them, we can perform a manual account wide merge for you. Here we match contacts by first name, last name, email and mobile phone and if they match we merge the newest contact into the oldest contact.

To perform an account wide merge, please contact our support team.

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