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How to set up an Automatic Campaign
How to set up an Automatic Campaign
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Automatic Campaigns are designed to send regular email newsletters to a target group of contacts. You can set which type of properties should be included in each automatic email campaign to ensure the right audience is receiving the right communications. After each campaign has been sent you can see reporting including number of opens, number of clicks, which property listings received clicks, who clicked on them and how many times. This information can be valuable for prioritising follow up or contacting people at a time when they are showing a lot of interest.

How to setup an Automatic Campaign

Follow the below steps to configure and activate an Automatic Campaign:

1. Click the Marketing tab at the top, then click Automatic Campaigns on the left menu

2. Click on an existing campaign name to edit, or click New Automatic Campaign to create a new one

3. Select the Group/s you want to send that Campaign to, then click Save and Next

4. Add the Campaign Name (used for internal reference), Send From email, Subject and Message. Use the tick boxes to select which categories of properties should be included in the email.

5. Schedule your Automatic Campaign to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Automatic Campaigns can run indefinitely or you can set an end date.

Make sure you set your start date to the day before you want to start your first campaign.

6. The confirmation page gives you an opportunity to review your campaign before activating. If there are any errors you will see a notification on this page. An automatic campaign can't be activated unless all errors are resolved.

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