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How to log an inspection attendee
How to log an inspection attendee
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Watch the video for an explanation on how to log inspection attendees through the Eagle CRM mobile app.

*Tip* Tap on an attendee in the Attendee tab to update their details or add notes

Note: You can download the mobile app on your phone (available on Apple iOS and Android). Log in with your Eagle user account.

How to log an inspection attendee

  1. Open the mobile menu, then tap into Inspections

  2. Use the Mine/For Sale/For Rent tabs to find the open home time you are looking for

  3. Contacts that have pre-registered or enquired on the property will show up underneath the search form so you can tap Check In to log them in quickly

  4. Use the search box to find the person in your database, if they're not already in your database use the create contact button to create and check in the contact in one action.

  5. After checking in a contact, you can tap Edit to add notes, set interest level, record a tenant rating (for rentals) or add contract status and price feedback (for sales).

  6. After adding attendees, tap on the Attendees tab to see all attendees

  7. Swipe left or right to rate the interest level of attendees

  8. Tap on an attendee to update their details or change their notes

  9. Use the Send Documents button to email all interested contacts with property documents

  10. Tap on the Owner/s tab to send out an owner report or easily call, SMS or email to give an update after the inspection

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