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How to setup PropertyMe integration
How to setup PropertyMe integration
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Did you know that you can easily setup a contact sync from PropertyMe to Eagle Software?

This enables you to send your PropertyMe database to Eagle Software and means that updates you make to your contacts in PropertyMe can be pulled into your Eagle Software database.

To set this up please follow the steps below, there is also a video at the bottom of this article running you through these steps.

Steps to setup PropertyMe Integration

  1. Select Settings and then down the lefthand menu Integrations

  2. Scroll down to the Property Management section, click the Setup button next to PropertyMe

  3. Enter your PropertyMe Username and Password, then click Connect

  4. Once connected, click the Import contacts option on the left, then click Sync from PropertyMe

Contacts will be synced as follows:

  • Owners in PropertyMe will be placed into the group "PropertyMe Owners" in Eagle

  • Tenants in PropertyMe will be placed into the group "PropertyMe Tenants" in Eagle"

  • Your other contacts in PropertyMe will be placed into the group "PropertyMe Other" in Eagle

If you have new contacts you want to be imported into Eagle Software you will need to re-select Sync from PropertyMe (via Integrations) for these to be imported.

Contact data synced from PropertyMe

When you re-select the Sync from PropertyMe button in Integrations this will sync the contact data and bring across updates to their contact group(s) as listed above that have been made in PropertyMe.

The following data will sync from PropertyMe into Eagle Software (syncing means it will update the information in Eagle Software to match what is in PropertyMe).

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Company 

  • Email Address

  • After Hours Phone Number (Home Phone)

  • Business Phone Number

  • Mobile Phone Number

  • Address Line 1 (Physical Address)

  • Suburb

  • State

  • Postcode

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