Portal error

Street: You already have a listing with the same address. To get more exposure and enquiries, you can upgrade your existing listing (Property ID: 'xxxxxxxxx', Unique ID: 'xxxxxxxxx'). For more information please read our Acceptable Use Policy.

Reason for error

Realestate.com.au have a policy where if you try to advertise the same property under two separate listings within 60 days you will get a portal error (for example if you withdraw a listing in Eagle, then create a brand new listing with the same address within 60 days and try to re-push).

How to resolve this portal error

  1. Delete the duplicate listing in Eagle (the newest listing) and reactivate the old listing you have previously withdrawn, OR

  2. Contact Realestate.com.au on 1300 134 174, tell them the address and ask them to match the Property ID with the old listing (the portal error will mention the Property ID of the old listing)

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