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Synchronisation times

Property listing updates from Eagle to update every six hours, at 10am, 4pm, 10pm and 4am (NZST).

Open for inspection times update from Eagle to update every 12 hours, at 4am and 4pm (NZST).

At the update time, Eagle will push your most recent listing information across.

Error with removing all listings have a limitation where you cannot have 0 listings. If you get down to 1 listing, and you need to remove that listing, you will need to login to the backend of and manually remove the listing, or contact to do this for you.

Price display

In the listing details tab, you can use the "price type" field to determine how price will be displayed on

Note that for Deadline Sale or Sale By Tender methods, you will also need to display the deadline date in your listing description for it to show up on

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