We advise that the best time to transition to a new trust accounting system is early on at the start of a new month. Here is the transition process.

1. Reconcile your old Trust Accounting System

Do your end of month reconciliation with your old Trust Accounting system.

2. Provide your data to Eagle

At this stage, we need the following information to setup all your accounts.

  • Reconciliation report from the previous month

  • Ledger account balances as at the end of the previous month

3. Continue to use your old Trust Accounting System and allow Eagle up to 2 days to setup your balances

While Eagle imports your balances and ledgers, you will need to continue using your old trust accounting system to record payments and receipts.

4. On your set "Go Live Date"

  • Start using Eagle to add in your payments and receipts

  • Provide all your transactions from the current month to Eagle for entry

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