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How Do I Get Notified of Website Enquiries?
How Do I Get Notified of Website Enquiries?

How Do I Get Notified of Website Enquiries?

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Note: References to Website Enquiries in this article refer to Eagle Websites only.

There are two types of website enquiries:

  • General enquiries

  • Property enquiries

General Enquiries

These are enquiries from contact forms on your website. These can include contacts forms such as:

  • Contact Us

  • Market Appraisal

  • Rental Appraisal

  • Newsletter Signup

  • Maintenance Request

  • Notice to Vacate

By default, all general enquiries will go to the ' Main Email' address set in your Account Settings. If you set a 'Rentals Email' all rental related contact forms will forward to this email address instead.

Property Enquiries

These are enquiries on specific property listings on your website. This is your website equivalent of receiving a property enquiry through Realestate or Domain. By default, property enquiries will be forwarded to the listing agent/s. This action is completed by an automation. If your CRM or Marketing plan includes Automations, you have the option to customise the 'New incoming enquiry' automation.

Hard coding contact forms

Contact forms can be hard coded to forward submissions from a specific contact form to a specific email address. For example, a rental appraisal submission could be hard coded so it emails both the main rentals email AND the BDM responsible for following up that enquiry. Please contact our support team [email protected] to arrange this.

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