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Trouble uploading images
Trouble uploading images
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If you are having troubles uploading photos, here are some things to check:

  1. Are the photos under 10mb in size? Eagle only allows photos that are up to 10mb in size. Anything over 10mb would need to be resized before uploading

  2. Are the photos jpg format? Eagle requires that images be in .jpg or .jpeg format

  3. Is your internet connection stable? If your internet connection drops out while you are uploading, it can cause problems with the photo upload

  4. Is your wifi stable? If you are accessing the internet through wifi and the wifi drops out, it can cause problems with the photo upload

What you can try:

  1. Try uploading less photos at once. This will make it easier on your internet connection and individual photos will upload quicker

  2. Try resizing the photo to a smaller size (if the photos are over 10mb)

If you are still having the problem after trying the above, please send the photos to [email protected] and tell us which property you are having trouble with.

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