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Text the word Eagle and your name to  0488 842 416.

You'll receive an SMS message back with some information and links.

You can do the same on your own account. This is how you do it:

1. Get an inbound SMS number

You'll need a dedicated SMS number to receive texts to. The good thing is that this doubles as your dedicated outbound number. You will need purchase a dedicated SMS number from Eagle. Inbound SMS numbers are $35 + gst p/month. Please contact us to setup your SMS number, you will need it before moving on to step 2.

*Please note that the price advised above is only for Australian clients.
New Zealand clients please contact
[email protected] for a quote on purchasing the dedicated SMS number.

2. Setup the code word

  • Go to Tools->Automation, and create a new automation.

  • Add a new trigger, and select "Contact sent us an SMS". 

  • You can choose from matching for a specific property, or using a generic code word

3. Code words for specific properties

You can set a code word for a specific property by going to the property details tab, and put in the code word in the "SMS Code" field.

4. Setup what happens when you receive an SMS

Now we want to add an action to send back an SMS.

In the automation you've just created, create a new action called "Send SMS". Put in whatever message you'd like, but here's an example of what you could use.

Hi {{contact_first_name}}, thanks for your interest in {{property_address_line_1}}{{property_postcode_suburb}}. You can find more information at{{property_id}}&e_ref_cid={{contact_id}}

Optionally, you can also add another step to add the contact to a group so you can easily find them later.

5. View the website activity on the contact record

If you have your website with Eagle, include &e_ref_cid={{contact_id}} at the end of any link to your website, and then when the contact clicks your link, you can go to their contact record and see how the contact uses your website.

6. Tips

  • If you put a link as the last thing in the message, it will load up as a preview on iPhone devices

  • You can use sms code words on your sign boards to give information to prospective buyers

  • You can use sms code words in your letterbox drops to reach prospective vendors and landlords and provide them with resources and information and reach people who may be in the early stages of selling their home

  • When you receive an SMS, it will create a contact in your database

  • If people send just the code word and don't include their name, a contact will be created in your database using the mobile phone number as the first name

  • If the phone number already exists in your database, it will match up to that contact by their phone number. Eagle won't replace the name of the contact that you already have in the database

  • There is no cost for receiving inbound SMS's. The only cost is in setting up a dedicated SMS number for your account

  • You can use custom fields to link to things like property books or virtual tours or anything else

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