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How to Setup Inbound SMS Code Words
How to Setup Inbound SMS Code Words
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Try It Yourself!

Text the word "Eagle" followed by your name to 0488 842 416

For example "Eagle Justin"

Once you send the text message, you will receive an SMS message in return seeing how the feature works.

You can set up this feature on your own account by following these steps:

1. Get an Inbound SMS Number

To receive texts, you will require a dedicated SMS number which can also be used as your dedicated outbound number. The process involves purchasing a dedicated SMS number from Eagle, which costs $35 + GST per month for inbound SMS numbers. Please get in touch with us to set up your SMS number as it is required before proceeding to step 2.

*Please be aware that the price mentioned above is applicable only to Australian clients. For New Zealand clients, please contact [email protected] to obtain a quote for purchasing the dedicated SMS number.

2. Setup the Code Word for Inbound SMS

  • Navigate to the "Automation" menu on the left-hand side menu

  • Click the "Add New Automation" button then give your automation a name

  • Under the When title, click "Add new trigger" and select "Contact sent us an SMS"

  • You have the option to either match a specific property or use a generic code word

3. Code Words for Specific Properties

To set an SMS code word for a specific property, you can follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the property you want to set the SMS code for

  • Click on the "Property Details" tab

  • Locate the field labelled "SMS Code"

  • Enter your desired SMS code word in that field

4. Setup What Happens When You Receive an SMS

We now want to add an action to send an SMS back once one is received.

In the automation you have just created, add a new action named "Send SMS" and input your desired message. Here's an example you can use as a reference.

Hi {{contact_first_name}}, thanks for your interest in {{property_address_line_1}}{{property_postcode_suburb}}. You can find more information at{{property_id}}&e_ref_cid={{contact_id}}

Furthermore, you can choose to add an additional step to include the contact in a designated group.

5. View the Website Activity on the Contact Record

If you have your website hosted with Eagle, you can enhance tracking of contact activity by appending "&e_ref_cid={{contact_id}}" at the end of any website link. When the contact clicks on the link, you will be able to access their contact record and gain insights into how they interact with your website.

Did You Know

  • When you include a link as the final component of your message, it will display as a preview on iPhone devices.

  • To provide information to potential buyers, you can utilize SMS code words on your signboards. This enables interested individuals to access relevant details by simply sending an SMS to the provided code word.

  • To effectively reach potential vendors and landlords, you can incorporate SMS code words in your letterbox drops. By including these code words, you can provide valuable resources and information to individuals who may be in the initial phases of selling their homes.

  • Every time you receive an SMS, it will automatically generate a new contact in your database.

  • In cases where individuals send only the code word without including their name, a contact will still be created in your database. The mobile phone number will be used as the first name for the contact entry.

  • If the phone number already exists in your database, Eagle will match it to the existing contact based on the phone number. In such cases, the name of the contact you already have in the database will not be replaced.

  • Receiving inbound SMS messages does not incur any costs. However, the only associated expense is the setup fee for obtaining a dedicated SMS number for your account. (Note: Outbound SMS will still incur an SMS cost)

  • You can create and add custom fields within the message to link to property books, virtual tours, or other resources.

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