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How to Sync Your Eagle Contact Groups to Facebook Custom Audiences
How to Sync Your Eagle Contact Groups to Facebook Custom Audiences
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Using this method, you can run Facebook ads that are targeted to your Eagle contacts. So you can advertise listings to your buyers and appraisals and other content to your prospects.

Lets go through an example of how you would add a buyer in Eagle to a new Facebook audience called "Eagle - buyers"

There are three steps:

a. Create your Custom Audience in Facebook

Here is the link to do that. Click the Create a Custom Audience button. Create a custom audience called "Eagle - buyers"

b. Setup an Eagle Automation to send the contact to Zapier

  1. In Eagle, Go to CRM > Tools > Automation

  2. For the trigger, select A contact is added to a group. Select the buyer group

  3. For the action, select Trigger a Zap. It will ask you to paste a webhook url which you will get in step 'c' below

  4. Once you've done that, turn the automation on

c. Setup a Zap that sends the contact to your Facebook audience

If you don't already have one, first you need a Zapier account. Follow the instructions in this link to setup a Zapier account and link it to Eagle.

  1. Once you've logged in it's time to make a Zap

  2. For the trigger, choose Webhook and for Choose Trigger Event select Catch Hook and select Continue

  3. You'll then be provided with the Custom Webhook URL to be used in step 'b' above, then select Continue

  4. You will need to add a contact to the buyer to trigger a test to Zapier

  5. Once the test contact data has come through from the triggered Automation in Eagle Software you will see We found a request! and will be able to select Continue

  6. The next option is to select your Do this...
    Select the Facebook Custom Audiences app and for Choose Action Event select Add Email to Custom Audience

  7. Follow the prompts to link Zapier to your Facebook ads account and create the zap

  8. In the Zap template, select the "Eagle - buyers" custom audience you created in step 'a' above

  9. Turn the zap on and you're all done!

For any further assistance with this please contact our Eagle Support Team;
P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected]

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