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Get access your Google analytics account
Get access your Google analytics account

What is google analytics and how to get access to your Google analytics account?

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At Eagle, we setup a free Google analytics account with every website that we build. The moment your website is made live, it starts to track all website activity onto your Google analytics account. All information is collected, tracked, and analysed such as web page views, unique visitors, bounce rate and other useful information to help you better understand your website traffic flow and optimise your web page usage.

Benefits of having Google Analytics?

The benefits of having Google Analytics can include and not limited to, to being able to track website activity of the users such as session time (duration), pages per session, along with the information on where the website traffic came from.  As well as helping companies measure the results email campaigns, it can also help a company to estimate how the the traffic (usage) to a website changes after the launch of a new advertising or specific campaign.  

How to access your Google Analytics account through Eagle?

By default, when setting up your website with Eagle your Google Analytics account is set up automatically.

To receive access to your Google Analytics account;

  • Go to your 'Website'>'SEO' tab

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to 'Request Google Analytics Access'

  • Where it asks you to enter 'Your Google Analytics Account Email' that is email address that you will be using to access your Google Analytics account eg.

  • Select 'Request Access'

  • Your request will then come through to our Website Team.

  • Once they have authorised you access you will receive an email inviting you to your Google Analytics account.

If you need further help with this, you can contact us at eagle Support if required on 03 9016 0444 or [email protected]

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