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How to Export Appraisals
How to Export Appraisals

How to Export Appraisals

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Eagle allows you to export all different types of data from your database, including appraisals, addresses, contacts and more.

This article will give you instructions on how to export the Appraisals you have stored in your Eagle account.

*Please note you will need to have been given access to importing/exporting by the account owner in order to complete the following steps.

To export your Appraisals from your Eagle account

  1. From your 'CRM' go to the 'Appraisals' tab

  2. This will take you to viewing all 'Current Appraisals' which are all the appraisals you have added that have not yet been marked as being 'Won' or 'Lost'.

  3.  You can also filter the export you want to generate by using the tabs for Current Appraisals, Hot, Warm, Cold, Won or Lost or by using further filters such as First Name, Last Name, Street, Suburb, Agent, Date Range or Other.

  4. Once you have created the list you are wanting to export, scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Export'. 

  5. Once it has finished loading, your export is ready! It will generate a .csv file that will consist of all your appraisals. Please note that this request may take a few minutes if the list is quite substantial. 

For any further assistance with this please contact our Eagle Support Team on
(03) 9016 0444 or [email protected]

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