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What is the Difference Between an 'Off Market' and 'Withdrawn' Listing
What is the Difference Between an 'Off Market' and 'Withdrawn' Listing

When do I mark a listing as Withdrawn or Off Market?

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When selecting a 'Listing Status' for a property that should no longer be advertised, it is often hard to know whether that listing should be marked as 'Withdrawn' or 'Off Market'.

This article should help break down which 'Listing Status' to select from depending on what is happening with that property.


Generally, a listing would be marked as 'Withdrawn' if the vendor has decided to no longer go through with sale or may no longer be listing with your agency.

Off Market 

An 'Off Market' listing status is most commonly used either when the sale of a property is likely to go ahead in the future but is not currently be advertised (similar to using the 'Draft' status) or as a way of privately listing a property without openly advertising it on the portals. Some agencies may even choose to have the 'Off Market' status linked to a specific area of their websites to privately advertise the listing.

Where do I find my 'Withdrawn' and 'Off Market' listings?

Listings with the status of 'Withdrawn' or 'Off Market' will both sit in the 'Withdrawn' tab on you 'Listings' page.

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