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Portal Error: 'ModTime: REAXML modTime'
Portal Error: 'ModTime: REAXML modTime'

What is a 'ModTime: REAXML modTime' error?

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When you see an error against your listing beginning with 'ModTime: REAXML modTime' there are two possible causes that have created this error.

The first, and most likely, cause is usually due to processing delays by

Generally this occurs because have a backlog of files to process from bulk uploaders, like Eagle, and they process recent files before older ones sent. This causes an error as their system is say that they have a more recent update than the one processed. For example, we may have sent an update yesterday morning and one yesterday afternoon, and have processed the one sent in the afternoon before the one sent in the morning.

The second, and less likely, cause for this is that someone in your office has logged into REA Agent Admin and made an update direct to the listing rather than using Eagle.

How to remove this error

To remove this error, generally, making a small update to the listing and then pushing that update to will rectify this.

For any further assistance with this please contact our Eagle Support Team;
P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected] 

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