The 'Third Party Website Link' can be added to your email communication, which will direct your email recipients to your website. This only applies to websites not hosted by Eagle. 

For instructions on how to add the Third Party Website Link to your listing please click here. 

Once added, the Third Party Website Link can be used in a variety of areas throughout your Eagle account when communicating with your contacts.

Use the Third Party Website Link in an Automation

  1. Click the 'Show template tags' button under the 'Email Message' box. This will give you a drop down menu of options.

  2. Select 'Property Third Party Website Link' from the drop down menu.

  3. Place your cursor where you want this tag to display in your email.

  4. Click 'Add'. This will add a link for the selected property in the email that will open on your website. 

There may be a few default Automations in your account created by Eagle, such as, 'Inspection attendee' and 'Notify vendor/landlord that their property is now online'  that currently use a tag '{{office_website_url}}property?property_id={{property_id}}'. This tag will direct recipients of this communication to the property on an Eagle website. If you don't have an Eagle website, we recommend that you update these tags with the '{{property_third_party_website_url}}' tag. 

Sending a Campaign using the 'Fast and easy' email design

When you select a property in the email campaign, the Third Party Website Link will automatically populate from where you've entered it on the listing.

All email recipients will have the option to click on further details for that property which will open the property on your website.

Sending a Campaign using an Email Design

From the Email Designs page, any block that includes a button will automatically populate from where you've entered the Third Party Website Link on the listing.  

Once the block is dragged and dropped on the 'Preview' pane, clicking on the button will open a box that allows you to edit the Third Party Website Link.

Now when the email recipient clicks on 'View Details', 'More Info' etc., it will open the property on your website. 

Third party website link: Personal Email

When attaching a property in an email sent to a contact directly from their contact file, if the recipient is to click on that property for further details they will be redirected to that property on your website. 

For any further assistance with this please contact our Eagle Support Team on
(03) 9016 0444 or [email protected]

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