When you are searching for a property on a real estate portal website such as realestate.com.au, you have an option to enter a Price range for the properties you wish to search for.

The Price that is entered into the Price field is used to determine if your Listing will show in the search results based on the price search criteria.

The Price field is a mandatory field that must be completed for every Listing, or the Listing will will not be visible on the portals and will not appear in searches. The Price entered also determines where the Listing will show in search results.

As shown in the above image users have the option to set a Display Price which can differ from the Price. This is the price that is actually displayed on the listing.

There are three options of how the price will be displayed on a listing:

  • Show actual price
    Uses the Price field

  • Show text instead of price
    Set a custom price - If using this option, the custom price must be within 10% of the actual price set in the Price field.
    For example, if the Price is set as $250,000 and the custom price was $300,000 an error will occur.

  • Hide the price and display 'Contact Agent'
    No price will be displayed on the listing, instead it will display Contact Agent

Show text instead of price - error example:
If you have entered $230,000 in the mandatory 'Price field', the price you enter in the 'Display Price' options needs to be within 10% of this figure.

Therefore, $230,000 plus 10% is $253,000.

This figure needs to be entered in the 'Show Text instead of Price' field or the portal will return an error. 

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