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How Do I View Only My Own Appraisals?
How Do I View Only My Own Appraisals?

Display only my Appraisals

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In Eagle you have the ability to change your default setting so that when you are viewing your 'Appraisals' tab, only appraisals that belong to you will be visible. 

To do this;

  1. From the CRM tab select 'Appraisals' from the left hand side menu. 

  2. At the top of your page, above the button to 'Add New Appraisals',  you will see text saying 'Appraisals'. Next to this you will see smaller text saying 'Change view'

  3. Click 'Change view' and you will now have a drop down menu that will give the option to view 'All Appraisals' or 'Only My Appraisals'.

  4. Select 'Only My Appraisals' and your page will change automatically so that only contacts who have been assigned to you will be visible. 

These default settings can also be set up for;

For any further assistance with this please contact our Eagle Support Team on
(03) 9016 0444 or [email protected]

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