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How to setup Eagle TV
How to setup Eagle TV

Display Properties, Agency Content, Testimonials and Agent Profiles on your TV Displays

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Eagle has the ability to create and display various agency related content on display screens within your office. This is a great way to present your listings, agency and team to the public. 

To create a new TV: 

  1.  From the CRM page, select Admin > TVs > Add New

2. Once Add New is selected, name the TV and select the number of seconds each slide will display then click Submit. 

3. Once the new TV is created, click on the name of the newly created TV from the list. The below page will open in which you can begin to add slides to the TV by selecting Add New. 

4. You can select the following slide options: 

  • Content - A free text slide with the ability to format the text, add colour, tables, images and media.

  • Property - 4 Photo - This option will allow you to Select individual properties or select by property type with the option to display only Featured Properties. 

  • Testimonials - Selecting this option will cycle through all of the testimonials from your Eagle account. 

  • Agent - Will provide you with a list of of your Agent profiles, of which you can select multiple Agent Profiles.

Each slide will cycle through per the 'Slide Timer (seconds)' and you can select multiple slide templates per TV.

5. Once the slides are created, a link is provided with which you can preview the TV. The same link can be opened on the your designated screen to begin displaying your selected slides. 

For more information on how to display Eagle TV on your office display screens, click here

For any further assistance with this please contact our Eagle Support Team;
P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected] 

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