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Market Buy Integration
Market Buy Integration

What is Market Buy, how can it be it be added to your Eagle website and what does it do?

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What is Market Buy?

Market Buy is an online tool that facilitates offers for private property sales. Once signed up, buyers can register their offers. Offers can be made with conditions and all registered parties can see competing offers. The agent will have the option of the type of sale: Auction, Fixed Date Sale or Private Sale configuration.

You can find Market Buy FAQ's here

Setting up the Market Buy Integration

There are two parts to setup a Market Buy integration.

  • Setup listings to go from Eagle->Market Buy

  • Display Market Buy links and pages on your website

1. Setup listings to go from Eagle->Market Buy

If you already have a Market Buy account, you can set up this integration yourself by going to Settings > Integrations in the Market Buy admin portal. Otherwise, please click here and they'll get you started with Market Buy.

2. Display Market Buy links and pages on your website

If you would like to add Market Buy to your website, you will first need to sign up with Market Buy. You can request a demonstration here

Once you have your Market Buy account, you can let us know at [email protected] and we will create two new fields that will appear on the Property Details page of a property in Eagle named: 

  • Market Buy Embed Code Source

  • Buyer Registration Link

You will also need to create the Sale of the property in Market Buy. Once you do so, in your Market Buy account, there will be two links specific to the particular property. You will just need to copy and paste those two links in to the two corresponding fields (mentioned above) in Eagle. 

Once implemented, two new fields will appear on your Eagle website property page as a Buyer Registration Link and an Offer Widget.

The Buyer Registration Link will appear on your listings, and when a potential buyer clicks on the link they will be prompted to Sign Up. In signing up, they are are registering their interest for that particular property and you, as the agent, will be alerted of their intention. 

Offer Widget

The Market Buy Embed Code Source will add a widget to the property page. This widget will allow your potential buyers to mark offers on the property and also view current offers from other registered buyers. 

What does Market Buy do?

As the Agent, you will now be able to begin creating sales. You will be able to set time frames for sale, accept offers from potential buyers, make counter offers reject offers and accept offers.  

For more details information on Market Buy capabilities, you can view their demonstrations here

For any further assistance with this please contact our Eagle Support Team;
P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected]

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