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Setup a mobile contact sync via Automations
Setup a mobile contact sync via Automations

A contact sync can be activated each time a contact is added into the system with an Automation

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Newly added contacts can be automatically synced with your mobile via an automation. So that each time you add a contact into Eagle Software the automation will be trigged to sync the contact to that your mobile device.

Before you begin, make sure you have the sync setup on your mobile device.

Instructions for setting this up can be found at the below linked help article:
Setting up Mobile Contacts Synchronization

Mobile syncing supports up to 2000 contacts being synced at anyone time, based on the 2000 most recent contacts. So within this automation we have set a rule to remove the contact after 3 months, so that only those contacts that I have been dealing with recently are synced to my mobile.

Setup mobile sync automation

To set up the automation, go to: CRM > Tools > Automations 

To create a new Automation select 'Add New Automation'.

  1. Name the the Automation e.g Automatic contact mobile sync

  2. Set the Scope to 'This automation is just for my contacts and properties'

  3. Then click 'Create Automation' (See screenshot 1 below)

  4. On the next page, under When click on Add New Trigger and select A contact is added

  5. Sets the sync to your mobile
    Once your trigger is set, click on Add a new step... below. Then select Add contact to my mobile

  6. Set a delay (e.g 3 months) before the next step activates
    Next we will set a delay, click on Add a new step... then select Wait and then you can set your delay for example 3 months

  7. Removes the contact from your mobile
    Next we will add a step to remove the contact from your mobile (which will occur after the delay period set previously.
    Click on Add a new step... then select Remove contact from my mobile

  8. Once this has all been set up the last step is to enable your automation.

Based on the example automation above this will add new contacts to your mobile device (that has the sync setup) and after 3 months will then remove them from your mobile. You can of course set the delay to a different length based on your requirements.

For any further assistance with this please contact our Eagle Support Team;
P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected] 

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