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What are Template Tags?
What are Template Tags?

Template tags are used for emails, campaigns and letters to pull in information from your contacts & properties

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Template tags within Eagle Software are a great way of merging data from your Contacts & Properties (Addresses, Contracts & Listings) within the system into other areas throughout the system for example automations, emails, sms & letters.

This can very useful for enabling an office to template their documents, communications and automations. For such things as templated sales process emails, where the body of the email is the same each time, but you need contact names and property details to merge across. The system comes with some default email templates (an example of these is in a screenshot at the bottom of the article) that use these template tags.

Using template tags

For example within an email or letter you may want to have the opening greeting of: 

Dear John Smith, 

This can be set by using the tags below:

Dear {{contact_first_name}} {{contact_last_name}},

This is easily done by using the Add field tool as shown below:

The Add field tool allows users to search and select for the appropriate template tag for your document, email or sms. Which is found throughout the system for things like automations, emails, sms, letters etc

  1. Click your cursor/mouse where you would like to insert the tag field

  2. Search and select your chosen tag

  3. Select Add

  4. The tag field will now be added into your document/email

For any further assistance with this please contact our Eagle Support Team;
P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected]

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