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Homepass Integration
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Setting up the Homepass Integration

There are two parts to setup a Homepass integration.

  • Setup listings to go from Eagle->Homepass

  • Setup data to come back from Homepass to Eagle

1. Setup listings to go from Eagle->Homepass

Contact [email protected] and let us know you would like to setup the feed to Homepass and we will activate listings to go across to Homepass for you.

2. Setup data to come back from Homepass to Eagle

In the Homepass app, Tap on Settings, tap on the office, tap Integrations, tap Add Integration and select "Eagle" and tap Request.


This can also be done via the Homepass web app. On a computer, go to and login using your mobile number and the verification code sent to your phone. Click on Settings, click on Integrations, click on the blue + icon, select "Eagle", click the box “I am authorised to request integration with CRM” and click OK

Once this has been done, Homepass will contact Eagle and we will complete the integration connection.

Important: For every Homepass user you want to import data from, you need to also setup a user in Eagle that has the exact same email address. If there is no Eagle user for the Homepass user, we will not import those activities.

How does the Homepass Data Integration work

What activities in Homepass are synchronised?

  • Adding, updating or deleting a contact

  • Adding, updating or deleting a contact note

  • Checking in at an inspection

  • Adding an inspection note

  • Sending a document

How often does it synchronise?

Eagle pulls updated data from Homepass every 10 minutes.

What if data does not match exactly?

Many times, the contact might give you a different phone number or a different email at an inspection than what is already in your Eagle database.

If data already exists in Eagle and it is different in Homepass, we will add the Homepass data into extra Homepass fields on the contact. You will need to manually update the contact in Eagle if you want that data to replace the previous data.

Contact owners

When a contact syncs from Homepass into Eagle, if it is a new contact, the contact is assigned to the user who created the contact in Homepass. If a contact already exists in Eagle, the owner will not be changed, but the user who added the contact in Homepass will be given access to that contact as well.

How permissions work

With the exception of contact notes, the permissions for data that gets imported into Eagle will be as per your profile defaults. View this article on setting up your default permissions. For example, if your default permissions are that contacts you create can only be seen by you, the contacts you add in Homepass will come across to Eagle and will only be able to be seen by you in Eagle.

For contact notes, if the note is selected as "Visible to team" in Homepass, it will be viewable by all users who have access to the contact in Eagle. If "Visible to team" is not selected in Homepass, then the contact note will only be visible to your user account in Eagle.

For Inspection notes, if the note is selected as "Visible to Vendor" in Homepass, the note will come into Eagle, with the "Visible in Vendor Report" field ticked and the note will be visible to the vendor in the Vendor Report.
If "Visible to Vendor" is not selected in Homepass, that note will not be visible in the Vendor Report in Eagle.

How matching works

When you are adding or updating a contact in Homepass, Eagle will try to find contacts in your database with the same email or mobile phone. First, Eagle will check if any contacts you have permission to view match with the contact from Homepass, and if none can be found, then Eagle will search for contact matches in your whole account.

If you are trying to update a contact in Homepass, but you do not have access to that same contact in Eagle, you will be added to the contact in Eagle.


  • When you are updating an address of an existing contact on Homepass, Homepass does not send that information through to Eagle and therefore it cannot be updated

  • Putting a thumbs up or a thumbs down on a contact for a property is also not possible at the moment

  • The Inspection check-in note created in Eagle can not be automatically associated with the inspection time in Eagle as Homepass does not provide that data

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