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How to manage a contact's 'subscribed' statuses
How to manage a contact's 'subscribed' statuses

The 'subscribed' section of a contact can be edited to stop them from receiving bulk marketing emails and SMS, as well as other alerts.

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Here at Eagle, we provide a variety of different methods for communicating with your Eagle Contacts. Some of these communications, including email and SMS campaigns, property alerts, and inspection alerts, are sent automatically and can be managed via a contact's subscription settings (accessible through the 'contacts' tab in the CRM sidebar). All of these subscriptions are enabled by default- to unsubscribe a contact from bulk communications, property alerts, or inspection alerts, navigate to the appropriate contact's page and click on 'Edit This Contact'.

Once you've entered the Edit This Contact section, scroll down until you reach a series of check boxes labelled 'subscribed'.

The options provided here are all selected by default, and can be used to manage a contact's communications as follows:

Receive newsletters/bulk emails: Deselecting this box will cause this contact to stop receiving all bulk email communications, including newsletters and campaigns. They will still receive automated and individual emails.

Receive property alerts: All contacts that are included in the 'property alerts' group receive an email for each new listing that matches their preferences. Deselecting this box will disable these alerts, while leaving other contact settings intact. (More information on contact preferences and property alerts can be found here.)

Receive SMS messages: Deselecting this box will unsubscribe the contact from all bulk SMS communications, including marketing campaigns. You can still send the contact an SMS message directly from the contact record, and they will still automatically receive bulk email communications, as well as automated SMS.

Property Notifications for (listing address): Deselecting this box will cause the contact to stop receiving email or SMS notifications for new/changed/cancelled property inspection times. This change only applies to the address listed next to the check box. (Note: for many contacts, this option will not be present. It appears only when a contact has registered to inspect a property, or joined a waiting list for a rental property inspection.)

Do not contact: When this checkbox is ticked, the contact will be unsubscribed from all communications. The only communications the contact can receive are those sent manually by a user. If a contact with 'do not contact' enabled subsequently enquires on or inspects another property, the Property Notifications will be enabled for that property only.

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