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Using the checkboxes to easily monitor and edit a contract
Using the checkboxes to easily monitor and edit a contract

The contracts page shows progress towards settlement and allows quick editing of payments, due dates, and unconditional dates.

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When managing a contract within Eagle's CRM, you can add and edit dates for the contract's acceptance, deposit payments and finance acceptance, as well as adding 'unconditional' and 'settled' dates. It's also possible to easily view progress towards a settlement on multiple contracts via the check boxes, which are displayed not only on the page for an individual contract (as seen in the screenshot) but also on the main contracts menu. These check boxes can also be used to trigger automations.

Adding acceptance and due dates

The 'Sale Details' section, seen when creating a new contract, allows you to enter a contract acceptance date, as well as amounts and due dates for other payments, and a final settlement due date. These details can be changed at any time via the 'edit this contract' button, found on the right hand side of the contract's page.

Marking stages of a contract as complete

When you accept a contract, receive a deposit or finance approval, or meet all conditions for a contract, you can tick off the relevant check box by clicking on it and selecting a date from the pop-up calendar. Then, simply click on the blue 'tick' button below it to save.

The check boxes for completed tasks (in the example below, 'Contract accepted') are highlighted in green. Stages that are overdue based on the dates you've included ('Deposit received' and 'Finance approved') are highlighted in red, and incomplete stages that are not yet due are highlighted in grey.

To un-check a box (for example, to mark a new contract as 'not yet accepted'), click on it to open the pop-up calendar. Then, instead of selecting a date, click on the text reading 'clear', which appears directly below the calendar and above the save button (this should deselect the date entirely). Clicking save should then leave the check box empty and highlighted in either grey or red. (Note: some changes may not appear until the page is refreshed)

Changing payment amounts and due dates

To quickly alter the amount of money recorded for any payment, click on the price displayed in light blue on the contract page. Then, enter a new price and click the blue 'tick' button to save.

The same process can be used to change due dates without editing the rest of the contract. For example, to extend the due date for a finance approval, click on the date currently listed on the contract page. You can now quickly and easily select a new date, and use the blue 'tick' button to save the changes.

When the page is refreshed, the colour and status of each check box changes according to the data you've entered in this section. In the screenshot below, the deposit has been marked as received, and the 'Finance approval' check box is now highlighted in grey instead of red, reflecting the extended due date.

Settling a contract

A contract can be marked as settled by clicking on the final check box, labelled 'Settled (Due...)', and selecting a date from the calendar, just as with the other check boxes. To un-settle a contract, use the same process of removing the date using the 'clear' button, as described above. Please note that it's not possible to settle a contract with a date prior to the due date listed in 'sale details'- to record an earlier settlement, you'll need to edit this date.

When a contract is settled, its status will be changed accordingly, and it will be moved to the 'Settled' tab of the main Contracts page.

Triggering automations using contract check boxes

In Eagle, checking off any of these boxes representing contract status can result in the triggering of automations. For example, the default automation '[Contracts] Deposit Received' will be triggered when the 'Deposit received' box is checked. It's also possible to create new automations that are triggered by any of these boxes being checked.

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