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Eagle Feedback Portal
Eagle Feedback Portal

Share your feedback on ideas and features

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We are always looking at ways to improve our software to help you work more efficiently and more effectively. One of the ways we gauge what features we should build next is by looking at all the feedback we receive from our 5,000+ users. Often this feedback is about existing features or ideas for new features which is extremely helpful in making sure the development of Eagle is headed in the right direction.

In addition to client feedback, we also conduct a lot of research, planning, workshops and discussion to help develop ideas into really good solutions. Depending on the complexity of the solution, sometimes we require additional feedback from clients to make sure we have the full picture before settling on what the solution will exactly be. For this reason we have developed the Eagle Software Feedback Portal.

What is the Eagle Feedback Portal?

The feedback portal is a way for us to seek feedback around specific features or ideas to ensure that any solutions we develop are going to meet the requirements of users. While we receive inbound feedback on various topics often, the feedback portal allows us to invite you to share your thoughts and ideas on specific potential new features or improvements.

Important note: Please keep in mind this is not a roadmap and does not reflect what our product team are currently working on. It is also not a reflection of what features are going to be built. For example an idea on the feedback portal might not get very good feedback which would likely result in that feature not being developed. This is simply a way for our product team to collect feedback on specific ideas.

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