Sending bulk SMS through the send SMS popup allows you to utilise several key features of the SMS popup for these communications including:

  • Loading an SMS template

  • Adding associations (the communication will show on each activity feed of each association)

  • Using merge field tags from both the contact and associated records

  • Schedule a follow up task in the same action

Differences between bulk SMS through the popup and a bulk SMS campaign

Sending bulk SMS through the send SMS popup is slightly different to an SMS campaign:

  • There is no campaign report, however you can see SMS that have been sent and delivered on the contact activity feed like you would for any other SMS

  • Unless you view the contacts first on the contacts screen, you can't exclude recipients

  • There is a maximum of 100 SMS recipients per SMS and we recommend using it for targeted communications only (bulk SMS campaigns do not have a limit)

  • Bulk SMS sent through the send SMS popup are subject to contact subscriber settings just the same as a normal bulk SMS campaign. (Subscriber settings do not apply for normal SMS sent through the send SMS popup)

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