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QR Code Inspection Check-Ins
QR Code Inspection Check-Ins

Allow inspection attendees to check themselves in by scanning a QR code

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The QR code inspection check-in feature allows you to display a QR code at inspections where attendees can scan the code and check themselves in on their own device. All data entered in the check-in form goes into your database.

Using the QR code inspection check in helps with:

  • Maintaining COVID-19 social distancing rules

  • Managing check-ins for large numbers of inspection attendees

  • Freeing up time to speak with potential buyers

How to use the QR code inspection check-in

  1. Go to the CRM > Inspections page, or, go to the Inspections tab within a listing

  2. Click the 'Print QR Code' button next to the inspection you are running to generate a printable PDF (each inspection has it's own unique QR code)

  3. Print the QR code check in page and display at the entrance of the property

How QR code inspections check-ins work

When people scan the QR code they get taken to a check-in page for that inspection. Once they have filled in their details and clicked 'Check in' it will check them in to the inspection similar to if you had checked them in through the mobile app.

How does check-in data matching work?

When someone submits the check-in form, Eagle will try to find a matching contact based on either their phone number or email.

  • If there is no match, a new contact will be created

  • If there is a match, the contact will be updated but not overwritten

Instead of overwriting old data, the new data will be added as a custom field in order to maintain the integrity of your existing data. For example, if there is a match based on mobile number but they entered a different email to the one already on their contact record, a new custom field will be added to record the new email.

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