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Contact filter 'Last contacted'
Contact filter 'Last contacted'
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The Last contacted filters allows you to easily find contacts that you have not had any contact with in a specified period of time.

The last contacted filters looks for the most recent occurrence of one of the below activities and returns the contact if the date of the most recent occurrence falls within the set filter criteria:

  • Email sent

  • Emailed logged

  • Automation email

  • SMS sent

  • SMS logged

  • Automation SMS

  • Call logged

  • Meeting logged

  • Letter logged

  • Enquired

  • Inspection

  • Offered

  • Manually added note

eg. You can filter contacts based on 'last contacted in the last 90 days' and the returned list of contacts will have had at least one of the above mentioned activities occur most recently in the last 90 days.

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