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Potential Tenancy Statuses - What they mean and how they work
Potential Tenancy Statuses - What they mean and how they work

An overview of potential tenancy statuses within the Leasing module

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Over the course of the inspection and application process for a rental property, potential tenants will have their status within Eagle's Leasing module updated many times.

Image overview of the Leasing inbox

Below you will find a list of all the statuses that can be assigned to a potential tenant throughout the rental process along with a brief description of each.


When someone makes an enquiry on a listing it will come into the Needs Answer box. Enquiries can be actioned directly from the inbox in the Leasing Module

  • Needs Answer - When someone enquires on a listing, the enquiry will go into the 'Needs Answer' box under the Enquiry heading

Image of 'Needs Answer' box within leasing module
  • Answered - Once action is taken on an enquiry in the form of a reply by email, SMS or manually marking the enquiry as 'done' it will be moved to the Answered box

Image of response actions available in the Leasing module


The inspection section contains potential tenants who are taking or have taken action on an inspection. The inspection status for a potential tenant can be changed via the Eagle mobile app or in the Leasing module on a desktop. Some statuses will automatically update when the potential tenant responds, such as confirming or cancelling their attendance. The different statuses for the inspection inbox are as follows

  • Waiting For A Time - Potential tenants who have requested an inspection will be in this status box. They must be notified of or invited to an inspection to be moved out of this status

  • Invited To An Inspection - Potential tenants who have received an invitation to attend an inspection will be in this box until they register or unsubscribe

  • Registered - Potential tenants who have registered for an inspection will be in this box

  • Confirmed - Potential tenants who have confirmed their attendance via text or email will be in this box. Potential tenants can confirm their attendance up to 4 hours before the inspection time

  • Cancelled - Potential tenants who have actively cancelled their inspection attendance will be here

  • No Show - Potential tenants who have registered and confirmed their attendance but not shown up to the inspection with no notice can be moved here. They will need to be manually marked as no show to be moved here

  • Attended - Potential tenants who have attended an inspection will be moved here when marked as attended at the inspection


Applications can be reviewed and assigned statuses from the Applications tab within the Leasing Module. There are ten potential statuses for an application once it has been submitted.

Image highlighting the location of the Applications tab
Image highlighting status options accessible from the applications tab
  • Submitted - When a potential tenant has completed a rental application it will be moved to this box. It will remain in this box until the application has been reviewed and assigned another status

  • More Info Required - If an application is submitted with incomplete information it can be set to this status until more information has been provided

  • PM Reviewing - Applications which have been submitted with complete information and are being reviewed by the property manager can be moved to this status box

  • Landlord Reviewing - When applications have been passed along to the landlord for review they can be moved to this box

  • Awaiting Payment - An application which has been marked internally as successful and the potential tenant has been notified will require payment to confirm the lease. The application can be assigned this status while payment is processed

  • Paid - An application which has been marked internally as successful, the potential tenant has been notified and their full payment has been received can be moved to this box

  • Withdrawn - Any time during the application process, a potential tenant can withdraw their application for a listing. When they do so they can be moved to this box

Not Interested - If a potential tenant expresses their disinterest at any time during the process they can be marked as Not Interested. This will remove them from any further correspondence relating to the listing they enquired about or inspected.

Unsuccessful - If an application is unsuccessful it can be moved to this box.

There is an automation available within Eagle which, when an application is marked Successful will automatically mark all other applications for the same listing as Unsuccessful. If this automation is not active within your account you can ask us to enable it for you.

Successful - Successful applications will be moved to this box. This is the last potential status in the process of a successful application.

It is also possible to take actions on contacts from the Leasing inbox by selecting an application and using the menu above the details to mark the contact as interested/not interested, send them emails or SMS and add tasks and notes associated with them.

Image of possible contact actions available within the Leasing module

For any further assistance with this please contact our Eagle Support Team;
P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected]

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