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How to manage co-applicants in Eagle
How to manage co-applicants in Eagle

How to add or remove co-applicants from an application form in Eagle

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In Eagle, there are several ways to add or remove co-applicants from an application that they've already submitted for a property.

To add co-applicants

Firstly move over to the Leasing tab, in there on the left hand side you'll notice a tab called applications. Here you can see and manage your list of applicants and co-applicants.

Once you click on an application, you'll be taken to the applicants screen where you will find all the current applicants along with their application form. To add a new co-applicant to the current application, if you then click on the Add new applicant button next to any current applicants, you'll be greeted with this popup that allows you to select a new contact to be added as a co-applicant.

While entering the contact name, If the contact doesn't exist, you click on click on create new contact and you can then fill out the required fields, which will set the details of the co-applicant. Once you finish you'll be able to see the new applicant next to any current applicants.

To remove co-applicants

To remove co-applicants, go to the Inbox screen located on left hand side of the leasing tab. You'll see this page that categorizes all potential tenants, current applicants, and co-applicants.

You can simply click on a potential tenant and you'll see a list of actions show up and one of them is called "more" action. Click on it and select the option "Add or remove potential tenants".

Here you will see a list of current co-applicants. Next to any co-applicant there will be a cross that if clicked will remove that co-applicant from a potential tenant application.

However in this box, you can also add co-applicants. Simply begin to type a contact's name for it to appear or select Add new contact to create a new co-applicant.

Once you've done this, you'd have optimised your tenants and managed all co-applicants.

For any further assistance with this, please contact our Eagle Support Team;
P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected]

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