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Ownership types
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Ownership types can be set on an Address ownership to help define and segment the ownership more accurately for future relationship management, marketing and prospecting purposes. An ownership is created when a contact is added to an address as an owner.

There are three ownership types:

  • Owner (this is the default ownership type)

  • Owner occupier

  • Absentee owner

How to add an ownership type to an ownership

Ownership types can be added to an ownership either on the address or the contact of that ownership.

On the Address

When adding an owner to the address, use the 'Ownership Type' field to set the type of ownership.

On the Contact

On the Ownership widget in the sidebar, when adding or editing an ownership, set the Ownership Type field with the dropdown.

For any further assistance with ownership types, please contact our Eagle Support Team; P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected]

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