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Managing contacts through EagleCRM App
Managing contacts through EagleCRM App

Learn about how to better manage your contacts on the Eagle Mobile App

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When you ever need fast access to your Eagle contacts, the mobile app is a great way to gain quick and easy access to existing contacts, add new contacts and communicate to potential clients.

Main Contacts Screen

Once you've signed into Eagle, you'll be presented with the contacts page. Here you can access and manage your saved contacts. You'll see a list of all contacts names and under those names, phone number, email and whatever groups they belong to. At the top of the page, there is a search bar you can use to look for specific contacts and a filter option next to the search bar that enables you to better look for contacts.

At the bottom right of the page you'll see a bubble with a plus sign. This enables you to create new contacts when you're out or need to create the contact on the fly. Once you click on this bubble, you'll see a number of fields to fill in that relate to the contact. You can input simple contact information such as name, phone number and email, but you can also input information regarding addresses, any groups they may belong to and any custom fields you want to add. Once you add a new contact they'll get added to your database and you'll be able to see them on the main contacts page.

Managing a Contact

Back on the main page, if you further click onto a contact, you'll be able to see all your current information about that contact. This includes related contacts, related properties, activity, tasks and preferences. On the contact's main screen, you can see even further details regarding any groups they might belong to, phone number and email, how they were sourced and how would they like to be communicated.

On the related tab, you can see any other contacts that are related to this current contact, such as a spouse or a business partner. To add any contact as a related contact, just under any current related contacts, you'll see an option to add related contacts by first selecting the specified contact, selecting the relationship and then finally any internal notes about the related contact.

On the properties tab you can see any and all properties related to the contact, including owned, enquired on and inspected. If you want more information about a property relating to a contact, you can simply click on the property to gather quick details.

Next to that tab, you can access the contacts activity. Here, any action through Eagle that pertains to this contact will be listed and you'll be able to go through and see that activity. If you want more information about a certain activity, you can click on the particular event and get a quick run-down of all the details.

The tasks tab of the contact, you'll notice all tasks relating to that contact, ranging from tasks completed, upcoming, overdue and due today. If you continue on to click on a task, you'll see all details about it and you'll have options to mark the task as completed, or delete that task. On the top right of the task you'll also have the opportunity to edit the task at anytime.

On the top right of the page you should see an option to edit details about the listing where you'll be able to change anything you need about the property.

On the bottom right of the page, you should see a bubble with a plus symbol. Clicking this bubble results in a list of possible options to choose from. New note allows you to leave internal notes regarding the contact, New Inspection Attendance allows you to mark this contact as an attendant of an inspection. New Task creates a new task in relation to the contact, Log Call, Log Email, Log SMS, Log Letter and Log Meeting log an instance of a call, email, SMS, letter or meeting to/with the contact. New Enquiry opens up a new enquiry associated to the listing and a contact and New Offer initiates a new offer on a property from the current contact.

This should give you a better understanding of how to navigate the Eagle Mobile App and how to better utilise your contacts tab on the Eagle App.

For any further assistance with this, please contact our Eagle Support Team;
P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected]

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