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Accessing listings via the EagleCRM App
Accessing listings via the EagleCRM App

Learn more about managing listings via the Eagle Mobile App

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When you don't have access to your computer but need quick information about a listing or want to perform a quick action such as send out an email or update the buyers of that listing, the Eagle Mobile App is an invaluable tool.

Accessing your listings

If you press the 3-bar symbol on the top left of the app, you'll be presented with a dropdown menu of a few tabs. If you go ahead and press the Listings tab, you'll be shown a list of all current listings as well as the type of listing and status of the listing. At the top of the page, you'll see a search bar that you can use to search for specific listings you want to see. On the top right of the page, you'll see a filter option where you can filter based off the current status or type of listing.

How to navigate the listing screen

You can click on a listing to see more information about what's going on with the listing or manage it. Once clicked, on this page, you'll be able to see all details of the listing, contacts relating to the listing, potential buyers, activity of the listing, past and future inspections, documents relating to the property and tasks relating to the listings.

The About section gives you all the general details about the listing. This includes details regarding the type, status, price, description and more.

The Contacts section shows you a list of all current owners and tenants. Below any active owners and tenants, you can go ahead and add more contacts to the listing. To do so, press either + Add Owner or + Add Tenant. This should take you to a page of all your current contacts which you can then add to the listing, you can also add a new contact using the bottom left bubble.

The Buyers tab will give a list of all potential buyers or potential tenants who have enquired, inspected or had anything to do with the listing. If you click on a potential buyer or tenant, you can gather all available information about the contact. You can also perform bulk actions such as send SMS or email by simply selecting multiple buyers/tenants and clicking on the send email or SMS icon located on the top right hand corner.

The Activity tab will display every action that relates to the listing. This includes any SMS or email sent out about the listing or even inspections on the listing.

The Inspections tab will display any past, current or future inspections on the listing. If you further click onto the inspection you'll be redirected to the inspections screen of the Eagle Mobile App, where you can see all attendees and manage the inspection.

The Documents tab displays all relevant documents that you have uploaded for the listing. You can easily send this to a contact or download it on your phone.

The final Tasks tab will show all completed, current and upcoming tasks relating to the listing. If you click onto a task you can see details surrounding the task, including its description, who it's assigned to and when it must be completed by.

On the top right of the page, you should see an option to edit details about the listing where you'll be able to change anything you need about the property.

How to log information or perform actions on a listing

Through the Eagle mobile app, you can log information against the listing quite easily. You can log information such as a new note, new inspection time, new task, new call, new email, new SMS, new letter, new meeting, new enquiry and new offer. To log information, tap on bubble with the plus symbol located at the bottom right of the page. This will bring up a list of possible options to choose from. Based on the action you choose, it will prompt you to fill in the required information. Once you submit, it will add that information against the listing.

You should now be able to comfortably navigate the Listings tab on the Eagle Mobile App and do more with your listings.

For any further assistance with this, please contact our Eagle Support Team;
P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected]

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