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How to use Advanced Reports
How to use Advanced Reports
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The advanced reports feature is a deep business intelligence tool that allows you to create completely custom reports. If the data exists then a report can be created for it, making this ideal for business owners, directors, principals and managers to get visibility across their database and business.

Note: To access Advanced Reports requires your account to have the 'CRM Plus' subscription and user permissions to 'Manage Advanced Reports'.

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For a more detailed guide on building queries for your advanced reports, please read our guide here.

How to Create a New Report

  1. Click the 'Add chart' button

  2. On the Explore tab, build your query for the report using the following options:

    • Measures - A number that is either a count or sum of a Dimension (eg. appraisals count)

    • Dimensions - Fields that are on records (eg. contact email)

    • Segments - Predefined queries created by Eagle that are too complex to create with the query interface

    • Time - The date and time period that the results should be based on (eg. properties sold date for last 30 days)

    • Filter - Allows you to filter your query to only return specific dimensions

  3. Once you have finished creating the query, click 'Add to Dashboard' and give your new report a name

See the below example of creating a new report (click image to view full screen).

How to Edit Your Dashboard and Reports

You can edit how your reports are displayed in a few different ways:

  • Drag and drop to move your reports

  • Drag the bottom right corner to resize your reports

  • Click the menu button (3 horizontal lines) in the top right corner to Edit or Delete the report

Default Reports

Feature coming soon.

How to Download Reports

Feature coming soon.

How to Email Reports

Feature coming soon.

For any further assistance with setting up and using advanced reports, please contact our Eagle Support Team;
P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected]

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