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Agent Allocations and GST
Agent Allocations and GST
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Once a listing goes under contract, Agent Allocations are a great way to record the contribution each agent makes on the sale, and calculate their commission.

Some agents to be allocated may be GST-registered and contracting to the agency (and therefore required to pay GST as tax). Whereas other agents might be agency employees (in which case the agency holds the GST to pay as tax).

As the software needs to accommodate for both types of agent allocation scenarios, it does this in the simplest way, by showing figures on the overall commission statement as all excluding GST.

If an agent is registered for GST, it's good practice to record this in the agent's profile via Settings > Agent Profiles > Edit Agent > Financials.

(note: This is unchecked by default.)

Once updated, the GST-registered agent's commission statement will show both GST inclusive and exclusive commission amounts for reference.

This helps GST-registered agents to then include the GST portion when invoicing the agency for payment of the commission.

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