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Listing document sharing
Listing document sharing

Choose whether documents should be shared with owners or buyers and potential tenants

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After uploading a document to a listing you can choose who the document is shared with.

In this article:

'Shared with Owners'

When ticked, this will display the document in the Interactive Owner Portal under the Files tab.

'Shared with Buyers' or 'Shared with Potential Tenants'

When ticked, this will display the document:

  • On the Download Documents page generated by Eagle (accessed by clicking the 'Share Documents Link' button under Listing > Images, Docs & Copy)

    (note this link can also be shared in emails that use the {{property_documents_link}} tag)

  • On your Eagle provided website only if you have configured your website to display documents on property pages

How document sharing works

A document is considered private if the 'Share with Buyers/Potential Tenants' option is not ticked. Once a document is private, anyone who tries to access it will receive an 'access denied' message. This allows you to block access to a document you have previously shared.

Sharing private documents

Private documents can only be accessed when you specifically share them with:

  • Owners - Tick the 'Shared with Owners' option. The link in the online owner report will grant access to private documents

  • Buyers or Potential Tenants - When sending an email through the send email popup or in the mobile app (eg. after an inspection), selecting a private document as an attachment will allow the document to be attached to the email

For any further assistance with managing listing documents, please contact our Eagle Support Team on (03) 9016 0444 or by email [email protected]

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