The buyer table is designed to make it easy to manage and communicate with buyers. You can find the Buyer table by navigating to any sale listing and clicking on the Buyer tab.

The buyer table is rich with buyer data and tools that make it easy to curate lists of buyers, communicate with them and log notes.

View buyer activity

View and log notes, enquiries, inspections and offers.

Status tracking

Keep track of the buyers interest level, whether they have been sent a contract or what their price feedback is.


Curate lists of buyers based on their activity, interest level, contract request status, price feedback and more.


Order your list of buyers so you can prioritise your efforts. eg. offers highest to lowest, next tasks most due, most interested to least interested and much more.

Bulk actions

Select your curated list of buyers to send a bulk email, bulk SMS or generate a PDF call list.

Column display, ordering and resizing

Set which columns you'd like to display, what order they should be in and how wide each column should be so that you can control the exact information that is important to you. Any custom display settings are saved to your user account.

Vendor reporting

Vendors are kept up to date as buyer information automatically flows through to the interactive owner portal.

For any further assistance with using the buyer table please contact our Eagle Support Team; P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected]

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