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Integration with Social Eazie
Integration with Social Eazie

Learn how to promote your listings on social media

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What is Social Eazie?

Social Eazie is a social media marketing platform, designed to make the process of creating and running social media campaigns simple, fast and easy.

How does Social Eazie work with Eagle?

Each listing has it's own Social Ads tab. Here you can place orders for social media campaigns.

How to order a social media campaign with Social Eazie

Complete the form on the Social Ads tab of any listing:

  • Marketing channels - Select from Facebook, Instagram and/or Google

  • Campaign type - Select from Just Listed, Open for Inspection, Upcoming Auction or Just Sold

  • Budget - Set how much you want to spend (currency will be either AUD or NZD based on your location)

  • Audience - Select your audiences eg. 'buying and selling real estate'

  • Ad copy - Create your ad copy (pre-filled from the listing)

Tick the box if you would like to receive a proof of your ads, then click Order Ads to submit the order.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the ads go Live?

Your ads will be built, and a proof of those ads will be sent to you for approval.
On approval, the ads will be set to go Live in their respective Social / Google channel within a 12-24 hour period of the ads being approved.

What is the duration of my ad campaign?

The duration of your ad campaign will depend on both the marketing channel and budget selected. If you run a single ad type on either Facebook / Instagram or Google, the minimum spend is $150. The duration for the ad based on the budget allocated will be 14 days. Ads will be run according to the ad type. If an upcoming inspection or auction ad type is selected then this ad will run in lead up to the OFI or Auction day.

Please see example duration cycles below:
Facebook / Instagram or Google - 1 Ad Type @ $150 = 14 Days
Facebook / Instagram or Google - 2 Ad Types @ $300 = 14 Days
Facebook / Instagram or Google - 1 Ad Type @ $300 = 28 days
Facebook / Instagram or Google - 1 Ad Type @ $500 = 40 days
Facebook / Instagram and Google - 1 Ad Types @ $300 = 14 Days
Facebook / Instagram and Google - 2 Ad Types @ $500 = 14 Days
Facebook / Instagram and Google - 3 or 4 Ad Types @ $500 = 28 Days

Note: Allocation of spend will be split 50/50 with Facebook and Google if both channels are selected. Campaigns will be monitored with the spend allocation shifting to the channel yielding better impression results. Our goal is to maximise your ad(s) presence within each respective channel, and alterations will be made to deliver your ad better results.

How do you cancel a campaign once Live?

Please email [email protected] if you would like to cancel or pause a Live ad.

How does billing work?

The billing of your account will be organised during the setup process of your social eazie account. Your account will be setup with a Credit Card - on approval of the ads going Live, your credit card will be billed the full amount. A receipt will be sent to the email allocated to the social eazie account.

What happens once I order the ad?

The first time you order an ad, a social eazie representative will contact you to setup your social eazie account, and request to your Facebook page and Instagram account. We will also setup your billing, as well as answer any questions you may have about social media and Google ads.

Once your account is set up, your ads will be prepared by our team, and if you have pre-selected to receive a proof before your ads go live, we'll send you a proof for approval. Once you've approved the proof, your ads will go Live.

Once your ads are Live, you'll be sent through a reporting link that you can share with your Vendor that shows a Live performance of your ad(s), including a PDF report.

For any further assistance with our Social Eazie integration, please contact the Eagle Support Team; P: (03) 9016 0444 E: [email protected]

For direct assistance with an existing Social Eazie ad campaign, please contact the Social Eazie Support Team at [email protected].

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