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How to setup website tracking on your third party website
How to setup website tracking on your third party website

Track which properties your contacts are looking at on your 3rd party website

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Third party website tracking allows you to track when contacts view properties on your third party website (eg. on a wordpress website) that hasn't been provided by Eagle.

How to get third party website tracking code

  1. In Eagle, go to Settings in the top right corner

  2. In the left main menu, click into Integrations (requires Integrations user permission)

  3. Scroll down to the 'Other' section to find the 'Third Party Website Tracking' section

  4. Click the 'Show Code' button to display the tracking code

  5. Copy the tracking code and send it to your web developer

Website developer instructions

Please provide these instructions to your web developer on how to setup the website tracking, along with the third party tracking code obtained in the above steps.

Add the tracking code to each page of the website (eg. in the footer). For Eagle to register a property view, you must provide either the rea_id or the property_id in the tracking code for each property page. You can obtain these IDs from the XML files or through our API.

XML Listing Feed

If you are importing listings to your website through an XML feed from Eagle, you can find the rea_id within the <UniqueID> tag of the XML file.

API Integration

If you are using the Eagle API to display listings on the website, you can use property_id on the property object.

Don't have access to the API? Please register below to get access to the API docs, a demo account for testing, support and to receive notification of any updates for the API: API Registration Form

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