In the Marketing module, we have a Dashboard widget called 'Under the radar contacts'.

The purpose of under the radar contacts is to identify contacts who you have interacted with recently and are showing a lot of recent activity on your emails and website. It helps you to identify more qualified contacts whom you may not have been aware of.

How 'Under the radar' contacts are determined

Contacts are considered as 'under the radar' if they:

  • Have an activity score above 30

  • Have enquired, inspected, offered or have been sent an email (not including campaign emails) in the last 30 days

Note: Under the radar contacts will only display if you user login has permission and access to view them.

How is activity score calculated?

Activity score is calculated as follows:

(email opens in the last 14 days * 3) + (email clicks in the last 14 days * 9) + website views in the last 14 days = activity score

For example, if a contact in the last 14 days has: 1 email open, clicked 8 times and had 9 website views the calculation would be:

(1 * 3) + (8 * 9) + 9 = 84

As you can see there is weighting in the calculation where we weight email opens x3 higher than website views and email clicks x9 higher than website views.

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