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Portal Pushing to REIWA
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REIWA require more information than most other portals when uploading to their website. This article outlines additional information you'll need to enter to ensure REIWA accept the listing based on the status of the listing.

When the property status is 'Active'

On the property listing:

  • Expiry date must be entered (found in the Listing Details tab of a listing).

Important note: If the listing does expire, REIWA will remove it from their site. If you don't want the property to be removed on the expiry date you will need to extend the expiry date in Eagle.

When the property status is 'Under Offer'

A contract record must be created in Eagle with the following information added:

  • Contract acceptance date

  • Unconditional due

  • Settlement due

  • Contract price

Important note: REIWA will show the property as Sold once the unconditional date in Eagle has been reached (even though the property Status is still set to Under Offer). If you don't want your listing to be shown as Sold on REIWA until it has settled, you will need to set the Unconditional date as the same date as Settlement date.

When the property status is 'Under Offer'

On the property listing:

  • Sold date must be entered

On the contract record:

  • Settlement date must be entered

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